Sunday, February 14, 2016

Hotel Transylvania 2 Tips and tricks

Hotel Transylvania 2 Tips and tricks for the game

If you came hear it means that you like to play on your smartphone in games. Today I want to tell you few words about Hotel Transylvania 2. Great games based on movie. I am sure if you have a child you was on this movie in cinema. I don’t have a child yet, but I have a girlfriend which love animation movie like this, so after we watch first movie of Hotel Transylvania 2. There was no option to do not go on second movie to the cinema and even when I am a grown man I have to admit that I spend a great time in cinema. Film was funny and have a lot interesting dialogs. Characters was made very good for child and for adults. It was the reason why I decide to download this game on my smartphone with android system, but don’t worry this game is available on iOS system also. You just need to have tablet or smartphone with one of these systems. Game is pretty interesting and give a lot of fun. We don’t have to focus to much and it is great when we have to wait for something in a line in shop or for appointment to the doctor. I also play when I go drive to work in a bus. Game have micro transactions which are annoying, but I easily handle with it. Have you ever hear about Hotel Transylvania 2 Hack? Hotel Transylvania 2 Cheats is special program which allow you to generate unlimited recourse witch are available in game. Even these for which you have to pay your real money. I think it is pretty convenes, because prize of Gems is huge and it will be enough only for few upgrades or task. I don’t get it. I pay one for a gems and it end after two upgrades. I count it and if I would like to play like I play with Hotel Transylvania 2 Cheat I would spend more than good TV cost. Game is really great. It is based on build your own park for monsters something like Hotel, but hear all of your favorite character have own building.

After you build new buildings you will get access to new hero, but on the beginnings you have to few task to unlock it. In game you can collect Coins for witch you can buy some attractions. You also for each task get some experience. If you get a lot of experience you will get new level and with each new level you can unlock new buildings and new heroes as you can see game is all the time develop. To speed up all your task, upgrades and build you have to use gems and you already know that it will be cost you a lot of money if you decide on micro transactions or you can use Hotel Transylvania 2 Hack and get all what you need. Unlimited numbers of Coins, Experience and the most important gems. Hotel Transylvania 2 Cheats is very simple in use. Ale what you need to do is download Hotel Transylvania 2 Cheats and open it on your computer. After this there will be new window where you can check your update of Hotel Transylvania 2 Cheat and decide how you want to connect your computer with your mobile device. There are three ways. You can do it via USB Cable, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Remember to choose what system do you have on your mobile device. After you connect there will be new window where you have to write down how many resources do want generate. After this close the program and log in to your account in game. There will be new resources waiting for you. I think it is much more better than spending money on micro transactions. You can buy something else for money which you could spend for this game. Game is really great and will give you a lot of fun. Hotel Transylvania 2 is not only for young people, so don’t worry. Just try this game and build the best park of entertainment in game. Do interesting task and play with your favorite character form Hotel Transylvania 2!